Reggio Provocations

Provocations and invitations to explore from Reggio Emilia inspired classrooms, homes, and play-based learning centers. *See separate board for Reggio Emilia environments and projects.

This area of play-based learning is extremely important for children in relation to therapeutic, psychological, cognitive, creative, language, and explorative. Sensory experiences provide a richness of perception, the senses, are soothing, exploratory and can be part of other curriculum areas and skill development

monsters -- love this -- collage natural items onto photos of your kids to make them crazy costumes.

Stones, tweezers & tins (add a container of water to wash rocks in and play with)

Andy Goldsworthy, 'Stone' - from The Inspired Child

Children followed a spiral drawn on black paper with natural materials - stones, pebbles, shells etc.

Making Our Mark

Rock sculpture and observational drawing---Garden Gate Child Development Center

Children can go outdoors and collect rocks. They can then practice balancing techniques with the rocks and figure out ways to make their rock structures more solid. Rocks can also be sorted by size, shape, texture and/or colour. Children can work in small teams to collect and build their structures or work independently to sort and group their materials.

this kindergarten life: balance, pattern, rhythm and awe

Art can be seen in everything. Let's make creations with rocks... Rock Pictures!!!

Connecting Professional Development Experiences with Our Day-to-Day Work with Children | The Nest Nursery School

Going to the Beach-lovely-Puzzles Family Day Care

Exploring faces & emotions on stones - from Fingadingadoo

Weighing loose parts :-)-Tu Tamariki - Play Based Learning

Digital Landscapes Atelier, Reggio Children at MoMA Studio, 2012

MoMA | MoMA Studio: Common Senses


Extraordinary Classroom: An Interesting Assembly of Materials


2012-07-26 - スカートで行く、インド

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