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Burj khalifa, Dubai

  • Richard Larose

    The tallest Muslim Sunnite Saudi sword bank in the World. And its all blood money...

  • Richard Larose

    Are they KHALIFIED to take care and manage the populations living around in their deserts, or do they dont want to share their billions with the other Muslims and blaming it on us?

Oh it's falling

  • Richard Larose

    Do jewelers run the architectural world? Do they have a secret crystal ball? Is this how they become eternal? How much overhead can this Planet handle?

Hong Kong: "Lippo Centre" boasts a pair of identical skyscrapers that were designed by Australian architect Paul Rudolph and earned the nickname "Kuala Trees", as their shape resembles Kuala Bears climbing a tree… | Hong Kong Travel Tips

Hong Kong Travel Tips


  • Richard Larose

    Turning their backs on the desert and responsibility to their people. Building hotels to attract rich princesses from foreign universities so they can copy, marry and get out of there. I would call this desertion...

Millenial house

Apartment complex in France

B4 and After...