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Bookbinding Instructions #3

Bookbinding Instructions #3

I like how this journal page is broken up into small journal entries but all lumped together...stealing this idea for my smash book!

Travel smash book journal ideas; I Can Colour: Making some good stuff over here

I Can Colour: Making some good stuff over here

"What exactly is a "junk journal"? It might be easier to start with what it isn't. It's not a regular journal. It's not exactly an art journal either. It's not a scrapbook or a photo album. It isn't an altered book. However, it can be, or have, elements of all those things..."

I love this.. now I know what to do with my old postcard collection that I almost threw out today. !

Smash Book..... REALLY like these travel journals!!!!

I met an old man that had the coolest journal with pictures he drew...wish I would have done this.

This is a great DIY smash book that the creator used to document an entire month out of her life! It is filled with every piece of paper from that month, and it is truly awesome!- RRM

It's Me, KP: April TwentyTen Mini

Ideas for Smash Books and ways to organize your Smashbook supplies to get busy working on all of them!

Girls Scrapbook, Smash Book, My Favorite Things Mini Album, Interactive Scrapbook, Paris 7 x 6.5 inch photo album. $22.99, via Etsy.

Teresa Collins World Traveler Kit. Must make one of these journals.

TERESA COLLINS: WORLD TRAVELER meets Inspiration Unlimited 2011



Halloween Scrapbook Smash Book Art Journal by StudioRoseBoutique, $19.95