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Rae Mallory

Rae Mallory

A hippy/teacher/nerd/ geek from Texas.

Wtf?! Wtf?! Wtf?! WTF | LOL | FAIL

this should be handed out to every boy when the get "the talk" and they should cherish it forever!

Hubble's newest camera captured a pair of galaxies dancing, nicnamed "the mice" because of long tails of stars gas. The pair will eventually merge into one galaxy. This image shows the most detail starts ever seen in these galaxies.

Trolling - Other - Boring Pics + Epic Captions = Taste of Awesome

Artist: Nancy Noel Title: Sarah

Indigenous People fishing - Yaulapiti indigenous People -Xingu, Amazon rainforest, Brazil.

Red River -

  • Lorraine Walling

    From what I've read, it is real. It apparently gets it's color from the silt. Here is more about it.

  • Angela Woods

    WOW that's amazing

  • Marguerite Kreger

    The color has been enhanced.

  • Angela Woods

    I kinda figured that much. The background looks brighter too

  • Lady Oracle

    I don't think that the link posted in the comments in the correct Red River as I've been there many times in Winnipeg and it is not red. There are some places worldwide where this is naturally occurring due to algae bloom, sediment runoff, and high salt content - search Lake Grassmere (NZ) or Cameron Falls (CN). I can't figure out where the river in this picture is, but judging from the photographer's website I would say it's definitely real but enhanced in post-production.

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