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Reusing these Talenti Gelato see through containers! Good reason to eat some more! =)

Another Reason to Eat Gelato | The View from Here

DID IT MYSELF.. i fealt like Martha Turned my yumanski Talenti gelato containers into contacts storage by cleaning them with hot water,dried them,then i used rubbing alcohol to take off the labels on the jar..and violá!

Infusing spirits in empty Talenti containers. Mint, lemon/orange, rose petals, ginger, and cucumber shown here. The dark spirit is rum. Infusing the rum w/mint as a test to see if I can skip a step in my mojito.

Creative storage in my studio. Talenti Gelato containers are heavy duty reusable plastic. Airtight and waterproof. Stackable and easy to clean by hand with soap and water and are dishwasher safe.. They really help me stay organized and are clear for easy identification of my things. :) Not to mention you get to eat the Gelato first!

Great reason to eat Talenti gelato. The container can be easily re-purposed to hold dry-goods, snacks, coffee,etc...

Talenti Gelato plastic containers are great for storing Tide Pods or other laundry detergent pods. It seals the moisture out while saving the space that the bags take up. It also looks more organized.

Those Talenti Gelato containers are perfect for holding the 64 pack of crayons. I've never liked trying to put the crayons back into the narrow paper containers.

From empty Talenti gelato containers to adorable kids' gifts filled with tiny treasures. I am the recycle queen! ~fawn

Repurpose Talenti gelato containers for other uses by removing the print with nail polish remover!

  • Stephanie Johnson

    I couldn't get any of the labeling to budge with nail polish remover. What kind did you use?

We reuse our adorable Talenti Gelato containers to hold things such as tea, spices, and candy.

My Talenti Gelato entry for #pintcycling (contest has ended). Love using their containers as an individual cupcake carrier to bring to friends so the icing doesn't get squashed.