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World War II

106 Pins

The first Boeing B-17 Flying Fortress bomber operated by German forces, in KG 200 markings. This B-17F-27-BO (41-24585; PU-B) was crash-landed near Melun, France by a crew from the 303d Bombardment Group on December 12, 1942 and repaired by Luftwaffe ground staff.[6] Its USAAF nickname, "Wulfe Hound", is frequently misspelled.

La Division Azul - Spanish volunteers fighting for Nazi Germany

La Division Azul | Stukas Over Stalingrad

USS Iowa in a floating drydock at Manus Island, Ulithi Atoll, 28 December 1944.

GIs being moved into the Ardennes, 1944 - The Battle of the Bulge

Once Upon a Time in War : Photo

B-29 "Dinah Might" was the first B-29 bomber to make an emergency landing on Iwo Jima during WWII.

Burma Campaign: A lorry of the British 36th Infantry Division enters the town of Tigyiang during the advance down the Irrawaddy Valley towards Mandalay, 22 December 1944. Burma was Britain's longest campaign of the war.

Most Decorated Soldier of WWII, Audie Murphy

Stilwell in Burma, circa 1943-1944; note Ford GPW vehicle

Berlin 1945

Destroyed VW beetle

Seabees use Rhino Ferries to shuttle equipment across the English Channel for the assault on D-Day. Here medium tanks for the 111th Naval Construction Battalion are loaded on a Rhino ferry headed for Utah Beach.

Gen. Eisenhower adresses to soldiers before operation #Overlord #d-Day

Defeat of the Nazis.

Wrecked ambulance in northern Tunisia. In WWII, the red cross on ambulances, hospital tents, and hospital ships was sometimes ignored by enemy planes.

An army priest writes the name of a soldier killed in a shell burst during the fighting in France, on a makeshift cross, 1944.

Boeing B-17E 41-9122 (Eager Beavers), 11th Bomb Group, 42d Bomb Squadron, taxiing on 2 engines at Henderson Field, Guadalcanal

Burma World War 2: The Flying Tigers, 1942. Armourers Pat Hanley and Jim Musick overhaul cannons in the wings of Curtis P-40. George Rodger.

American M3 Half-track vehicle crossing the Seine River in France, 1944.

The Red Ball Express kept allied troops supplied. Pic taken autumn of 1944.

File:RedBallExpress.jpg - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

A column of Amerifcan medical vehicles inches toward Rome. Over the course of the campaign, hundreds of thousands of soldiers were wounded i...

Rare photos chronicle World War II's brutal Italian Campaign

A sign in Tarawa erected by the Marines

USS Indianapolis (CA-35) memorial, Indianapolis, Indiana

B-29s at their Marianas Islands base, 1944 or 1945.

1945 VE (Victory in Europe) Day TIMES SQUARE vintage photo Times Tower Toffenetti Restaurant NYC

Major General Frank Parks, General George Patton, Colonel W. H. Kyle, J. J. McCloy, H. H. Bundy, and US Secretary of War Henry Stimson, reviewing US 2nd Armored Division, Berlin, Germany, 20 Jul 1945; Source: United States National Archives; ID: ARC 198606

Carl Mydans—Time & Life Pictures/Getty, Images Not published in LIFE. American troops rest in a courtyard during the drive towards Rome, World War II.