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Rain Barrels

The BEST diverter in the WORLD!!!! Made in the USA with food grade plastic, freeze proof and UV resistant AND no maintenance!!!! Turn any container into a rain barrel with no over flow!!!!

Finally a real pump for your rain barrel!

50 gallon URN rain barrel made in the USA with food grade recycled plastic! No over flow closed system!!

A waterfall AND a rain barrel, all in one!!! No over-flow, closed no maintenance system! MADE IN THE USA!!!

Authentic recycled Oak Barrels from Kentucky! Closed system, NO over-flow, unlike most "rain barrels" no maintenance!!

Made in the USA using recycled food-grade plastic.....closed over-flow!

Rain barrels in the shape of ROCKS?? Yep! Closed systems, NO OVERFLOWING, mosquitoes or alga and no maintenance! LOVE IT!!!! Great for condos and small places too!

Rain Barrels N' More - Barrels N' MORE

Looks like a piece of furniture and its actually a closed, non-overflowing 60 Gallon Rain Barrel!! Be creative on your patio, connect 2 like this at the bottom add a top and now you've got a WET BAR!!!

Just another idea on how you can Build your own Barrel! NO OVER-FLOW, mosquitos, algae , or leaves & debris- NO MAINTENANCE! Freeze-proof FULL OF ICE in the winter and UV resistant in the hot summer sun! This design holds 150 gallons of rain water all while growing a raised veggie bed!

Build your own shaped Rain Barrel and once built, can be left outside all year WITHOUT draining in the frigid winter months! Build a box or a raised garden with the water "UNDER" it! Self maintenance diverter, NO over-flow, Mosquitos, Algae, or Leaves & Debris! All MADE IN THE USA using compostable, recycled and food-grade materials!!!!

Hide your ugly blue barrel behind this beautiful Lattice Stand!

Rain Barrels N' More - Composters N' MORE

COVERS for your Rain Barrel! Wood grain, Tropical Lilies, American Flags N' MORE! Made in the USA In New Mexico at 2,000' elevation-NO fading!! One-size-fits-all (hee-hee!)

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Rain Barrels N' MORE!!!!!

Build a Barrel-its a raised garden, no, its a wall, no, its a bench, NO, its Build-a-Barrel!! Each cube holds 25 gallons of nutrient rich rainwater and the designs and size is only limited by your imagination!!

Rain Barrels complete with a RainReserve Diverter and spigot. WaterStone and StoneWare URN Rain Barrels. Decorative yet Functional!! Collect & Conserve water FASHIONABLY!

Reviewed By: David RainReserve Rain Diverter This kit contained everything but the barrel. Easy to install. Excellent for anyone who has basins/barrels and just wants the down spout diverter. I installed and that night when it rained I filled up a 55 gallon rain barrel.

Rainwater collection kit-RainReserve COMPLETE Diverter Kit. Turn ANY food grade barrel into a non-over flowing, no maintenance, leaf, debris and algae free Rain Barrel complete with a High Flow Spigot. The ONLY Diverter that is MADE IN THE USA using recycled Food Grade Plastic!! And as a BONUS it is also FREEZE Proof and UV Resistant!! Patented in 2006, this is the ONLY Divereter you will ever own! Available at

RainReserve Rain Barrels-GREAT Brick stand to elevate those barrels!!

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Wine glasses. "Sit stay drink", "Fetch me my wine" and A taste of purrfection" for our feline friends! These make great gifts for any wine/canine/feline lover!