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Rainbow Writer

Rainbow Writer

aka Eleyne-Mari. Author, writing muse, radio producer, radio host, color therapist, spiritual aromatherapist, crystal worker, creative spiritual entrepreneur.

A COMPLAINT FREE WORLD ~ "I'd been trying to catch up on all the filing that's been taking over my office since January. It's grown month by month like some insatiable paper-spewing beast and I can no longer ignore it....." #writelighter

GO AHEAD AND LAUGH ~ "Anyone who knows me knows I love to laugh....." #writelighter

FLOW LIKE WATER ~ "President John F. Kennedy once said, 'We are tied to the ocean. And when we go back to the sea−whether it is to sail or to watch−we are going back from whence we came.'....." #writelighter

BACK TO (NATURE) SCHOOL ~ "I’m trying not to be seen as I peer through the sheer, bronze curtains in my living room. I tell myself that I am not spying, I’m researching....." #writelighter

FEEDING THE RAINBOW BODY ~ "For years I had wanted to become a vegetarian. I knew in my heart it was the right thing to do, but I struggled to make the change and blamed it on a family tree shaking with chest-thumping carnivores....." #writelighter

BLESSINGS IN DISGUISE ~ "Recently I saw a message posted on Facebook that read: 'Some people come into your life as Blessings! Others come into your life as Lessons!!!'....." #writelighter

THE GIFT OF THE SILVER VIOLET FLAME ~ "The great Peacemaker Mahatma Gandhi once said: 'There is no way to peace. Peace is the way'...." #writelighter

WRITE WITH LIGHT ~ "On my old 'Light Lunch' radio show, I introduced a gratitude writing segment to help open our hearts and raise our vibrations. It's called 'LightLines' and it's the act of writing short, positive reminders about how truly wonderful and blessed we are....." #writelighter

THE SHADOW KNOWS ~ "There was an old radio program back in the ’30s called The Shadow, introduced by these words: 'Who knows what evil lurks in the hearts of men? The Shadow knows!'....." #writelighter

BE A RAINBOW BLESSING ~ "Do you remember the story of Pollyanna and the crystal chandelier? After hanging dozens of crystal pendants against a sunny window and watching rainbows dance upon the walls, she realized that the significance of her discovery could only be fully appreciated if it was shared with others....." #writelighter

DETOXING FROM FEAR ~ "In my 'Loving Pink' heart spa, we learn to raise our vibration of Love by detoxing from Fear. We do this through a little exercise I call 'heartwriting'....." #writelighter

PLAYSHOP: Entrainment ~ "One of the many things I've learned about dolphins is a phenomenon called entrainment....." #writelighter

HOW TO GROW A WRITER: With a rich composite of imagination, inspiration, patience and perseverance, this e-book will help you cultivate your Writer seeds into an extremely satisfying and fruitful enterprise.

RAINBOW CRYSTAL JOURNALING: Do you love, love crystals? ​ In this unique journaling teleseminar, you will learn about the healing benefits of crystals and gemstones and how to use them for writing and creativity.  After seven journaling prompts, you will embark on an amazing meditative journey through an enchanted forest of fairies and unicorns to discover your personal rainbow of joy and wellbeing!

HOW TO FREE A WRITER: Are you having trouble opening up your heart? Are you afraid to release your true feelings? Do you want to become more creative?  During this teleseminar, you will learn a variety of helpful techniques to assist you with creativity, writing blocks, time management, boundaries and wellness. ​ If your words are not flowing like water, veteran writer Eleyne-Mari will help you free your writing wings so your heart--and your words--soar!

JOYWRITING WITH THE DOLPHINS: Can you imagine the joy of being in the ocean and hitching an exhilarating ride aboard a friendly dolphin? Would you like to unleash your Inner Child and have fun with your writing, enjoying the creative plunge into the unfathomable depths of your imagination? Joywriting with the Dolphins helps you discover how to bring in more Light and Joy by inscribing the most positive of thoughts to manifest the highest of energies.

WRITELIGHTER RETREAT KIT: A downloadable package of writing and wellness tools to inspire you to get grounded, get off the fence and get going!

Life is like the ocean waves, always ebbing and flowing, either a high tide full of joy or a low tide of despair. Are you in emotional pain? Have you suffered a tremendous loss? On this writing and wellness workshop recording, color therapist Eleyne-Mari will help you find your inner ocean of peace through the colors of the sea...turquoise, aqua, cobalt, lavender and seafoam green.

WRITERS' JAM: Are you tired of writing the same old "sounds?"  Want to groove to an entirely new and different literary beat?  Here's your chance to pen something fun and freeing!    In this soulful session, you'll take the stage and experiment with different writing rhythms, whether it's a hot-jazzy poem or a hard-rockin' essay.  There's no censoring or structure here--only the freedom to explore new words and new ways to communicate on paper.

MOONWRITING: Got a problem? Tell it to the Moon! On this "Moonwriting" workshop CD, the Full Moon is your muse as Eleyne-Mari guides you through writing prompts, freewriting and a cleansing Full Moon meditation. "Moonwriting" will help you release your anger, your fears, your sorrow and addictions through journaling. It will also help you to express yourself, gain insight and heal.

PRIVATE WRITING MUSE SESSIONS: Are you feeling stuck? Afraid to expose your Inner Writer to the world? Could you use some creative "massage" techniques to motivate you to get back on the write track? Whether you are penning a business blog, your memoirs or The Great American Novel, I can help you open your heart and let your words flow!

RAINBOW WRITING: Are you a writer in search of a muse? Discover how the power of the rainbow can help you improve your writing...and your wellbeing! On this creative writing CD, you will stimulate your senses through color-associated writing exercises, meditation and visualization in Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo and Violet.

LOVING PINK: When was the last time you celebrated yourself? Come bask in the luxurious Pink rays of unconditional love and compassion! In this nurturing audio spa, you will learn how to open your High Heart by: 1) massaging your body with Pink aromatherapy and the Love Crystal 2) meditating with Archangel Chamuel of the Pink Ray 3) raising your vibration through heartwriting 4) finding your Heart Song 5) discovering a wonderful Pink beauty secret that will show your inner radiance!

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