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  • Anna Tatman

    We need these!!!! Oh my word!! How hard would we laugh??? Hahahahahaha!!

@adrienne Squier - Yep. Except I think others know.

They’re a bunch of weirdos…

Run Pug, Run!!

This is true... #snapchatlife

Real Suburbia: Thursday I'm In Love v14.0

Parents at cookouts be like: ALL. THE. TIME! lol

Parents at Cookouts…

LOL this is true!! @Tanya Knyazeva Knyazeva Collins this was Holden while we were at the coast!! haha

Funny Quotes for Inspiration Sunday ~ Eisy Morgan

Tumblr posts - Imgur

Dentists Smile Face Masks...I would not be able to stop giggling!*

Let’s put a smile on that dentist…

See people, this is why I hate winter and am moving to the south! Winter sucks! Well it's more about the snow part. The rest is more about Christmas and that's fine. But the snow is never pretty. It's messy and horrible to be in

Me. Most of the time. Gah! Am I anti social?!

I just... Can't XD