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Qing Dynasty Dress and Costumes

A collection of Chinese Imperial Era dress from the Qing Dynasty. The clothing, uniforms, or daily mufti of the masses, and or costumes inspired from those days; worn by the emperor down to the peasant, and everything in between.

In this image of a married couple from Xiamen, a port city in south-eastern China, the husband is looking away because at the time it was thought improper for a couple to face each other.

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名稱:清光緒藏青緞繡花鳥敞衣 尺寸:長97cm 介紹: 圓領,前開身,白色緞地花鳥紋滾邊,寬袖,通身藏青色地上繡孔雀花鳥團花紋,團花外圈繡有二十四個壽字,其間彩繡花蝶紋飾。

Dragon Medallion, Qing dynasty early 18th century. Silk and metallic thread embroidery on silk satin.

Buckle Plaque in the Form of a Butterfly, China, late Qing dynasty, about 1800-1911, Abraded jade

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Lotus Shoes China. 19th century Silk, cardboard and plaster; Source of Entry: unknown (formerly in the collection of Counts Stroganov). 1920s

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Ma gua, imperial riding concubine's jacket, 1875-1908, Guangxu period. Green satin with woven pattern, sable and lace. Lenght 80cm and width 125 cm. This jacket had three different borders one made of fur, one made of satin and one made of lace that wasn't a chinese technique but was introduced by catholic nuns in the late 19th century.