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Near Leon, you can take a tour up to the top of a very active volcano called Cerro Negro and fly as fast as 80 km/h down on a piece of wood. Rated #2 on the Thrill Seeker's Bucket List. Don't miss this if you are in Nicaragua!

Nicaragua - Go volcano boarding / Rambler

Hike to the top of Runyon Canyon, Hollywood (United States)

Snowmobile Yellowstone National Park (United States)

Find the German Bakery in Costa Ricia (LaFortuna) (Costa Rica)

Drink a Pimm´s in Borough Market (United Kingdom)

Go around the city as a rickshaw driver (Madagascar)

Have some rest in North of Spain (Spain)

See water falls in rain forest (Malaysia)

Get Lost in Bukit Timah (Singapore)

Ride an Biplan in Key West (United States)

Get stuck in quicksands in front of "Mont Saint Michel" (France)

Take the "Bus" in Venizia (Italy)

Find a hut in woods! (France)

France - Find a hut in woods! / Rambler

Tame Gullfoss (Iceland)

Stand on top of an active volcano (Nicaragua)

Tandem Surf in Hawaii (United States)

Attend the La Bomba del Tiempo drum show in Buenos Aires (Argentina)

Cross the makeshift bridge (Hong Kong)

Get Hit by the sun in Sahara (Morocco)

Get lost in South of France (France)

Find some air-conditioners (Singapore)

Get stuck in quicksands in front of "Mont Saint Michel" (France)

Relax in a hut on the beaches of Weymouth, Dorset County, UK

Pet a Lion in Zimbabwe

Ride in a tuk-tuk