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The Hoosier Cabinet

Doing a series on The Hoosier Cabinet. This is the pinboard.

sure wish I had a spot for a Hoosier.

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  • Angie Wallis

    I have a very unique hoosier. How would I pin it here?

  • Jan Petroff

    Angie here's a link that tells you how...

cute hoosier cupboard

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Vintage Art Deco Kitchen Hoosier Cabinet. via Etsy.

An old Hoosier cabinet top hung on the wall in the laundry room is perfect for storage#Pin By:Pinterest++ for iPad#

Bottom half of a hoosier cabinet... makes a great laundry room cabinet

Liquid Blue laundry room, old church pew, and old top of hoosier.

The Little Red Chair: Helen the Hoosier

The Little Red Chair: Helen the Hoosier

The first Hoosier cabinet I ever loved. I still think it's beautiful.

In love with Nick's G'Ma's Hoosier cabinet!

Hoosier cabinets and farmhouse decor


~♥~...Vintage Hoosier Cabinet...Source:creativebreathing

  • Debbie Brutcher Guy

    This is really pretty. It's a a Dutch feeling to it will all the stenciling. I love how they found the extra cabinets to go with the Hoosier cabinet.

Oak Hoosier Cabinet

  • Jan Petroff

    Bea - sent you a message on facebook. It's under my hubsters name (didn't check before I started writing)

  • Bea Ingram

    I don't have any new messages. Hum the grimlins musta ate it.

  • Jan Petroff

    Hmmm..Here's basically what I said. I'm fairly new to Hoosier's myself. Send those pictures over to They have so many antique dealers many someone knows more than me. Nice piece you got there. Wish I had room for one!

  • Bea Ingram

    Thanks Jan when we get back from Va-ca I'll get those loaded up at a hotspot for internet atm so don't have much time. I squealed inside when I found this one.

  • June Hollingshead

    I'm lucky enough to have this one, and love it!

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Hoosier Cabinet Plans

Hoosier Cabinet Plans - Kennedy Hardware LLC

Hoosier Kitchen Cabinet (Good Housekeeping 1919) - I would love to locate a Hoosier cabinet to "help me stay young" or to have in my dining room.

  • Bea Ingram

    If you have a handy man or even handy yourself you can make one... if your not into the idea of JUST because it's old... I want one for the use of it. http://www.kennedyhardware.... It will cost you about as much as an old beat up one but it'll look fabulous in your dining room. I've been checking at the antique stores and I've found them all beat up and missing all parts for 450.00 or more. the complete parts to make it will cost about $485.00 not including the wood you buy. So for 450.00 I could have bought an old beat up one and put the $485.00 into it or build one then put the $485 into it. If only I could go back in time and buy one keep it into storage for myself I'd be set ;)

  • Jan Petroff

    Found one here in Tucson , a beauty, for $500.00 but I don't have 1 inch of space left in my little casita. I'd want to use it too. I see there's a few people who'll build one for you and it'll still last for the next 100 years or so!

  • Bea Ingram

    How awesome is that...myself I'd throw out something to fit it in.

  • Andrew Charles

    New ones, and metal fittings, seem to be custom-made, unlike the originals, so they're much more expensive—over $2000,with delivery and without all the neat racks, bins, sifters and casters. Cottage Craftworks has them, and also food grade flour and sugar bins, unlike Kennedy Hardware. Again custom-made, so not cheap. Best option may be to commission one with Kennedy's plans and fittings, and the Cottage craftworks bins.