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DIY Altoids Tin Emergency Kit Tutorial Cup of Delight here. I like making and getting kits - whether its wrapping paper kits, survival kits, food in a jar etc These are also good assembly line crafts. This is a much smaller version of the gift in a jar post (sewing, energy, relaxation, etc) here. For more Alotid Tins DIYs go here.

learn to take great photos of your baby - plus a chance to WIN a $100 credit to Jo Totes and get an amazing new camera/laptop bag!

Christmas Party Game idea Finally something other than plain, old White Elephant! Trade gifts with... -the person who has the longest hair -the person to your right/left -the person whose gift wrap has the most red on it -the person with the smallest/biggest gift -the person with the biggest smile -a person wearing green/red -the person whose birthday is closest to Christmas... etc.

What You Need For Your Emergency Preparedness Kit

36 of my favorite M Fonts with free download links from

Loaded Reese's Peanut Butter Cookies

chews the right -YW personal progress printables

Class Presidency Meeting Agenda

All Things Bright and Beautiful

Really cute YW lesson about the kind of guy you want to marry using candy bars.

inviting inactive girls to mutual activities - YW

How to Take a Roadtrip With a Toddler: Why driving through the night is the best way to go, and seven other tips to help your travels go as smoothly as possible!

The Gift of Journaling (DIY Journal Kit and Artwork Download) via #gift #artjournal This could be fun for YW too.

something to remember for girls camp, swag bags for the girls when they arrive. camp shirt, schedule, lanyards, treat.

Great Y.W. activity - make a compliment kit

~ DIY back to school survival kits for girls ~