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Stretches before bedtime that help to relieve stress and help you sleep better.

Who Needs a Yoga Mat? Stretches You Can Do in Bed

Dr. Oz's 3-Day Detox Cleanse.

Kelly Moran | Entry Level Adulthood: The Not-Too-Crazy Detox

How to prevent back pain via this workout.

The 8-Minute Better-Back Workout

5 Yoga Fixes for Bad Posture - this is great for anyone after u've been sitting for awhile and need a good Safe stretch!

5 Yoga Fixes For Bad Posture

booty blaster! Wow, never realized how weak my backside is until I tried this and it's only 10 minutes.....10-Minute Tush-Toning Pilates Workout

Reboot Your Backside With This Tush-Toning Workout

Amazing inner thigh workout! It makes a difference IN THE RIGHT PLACES! 5 moves to a happier you!

Tone the Inner Thighs With These 5 Must-Do Moves

These actually hurt my abs.

Sculpt Sexy Abs in 15 Minutes

Floored me with those Flat Abs #Abs #Workout

Floored me with those Flat Abs {workout}

Yoga is the perfect complement to your cardio. This yoga sequence will lengthen your well worked muscles.

Quick and Intense: Full-Body Yoga Flow

So many amazing recipes!!! They all sound freaking delicious! Detox Recipes

49 Detox Recipes (That Actually Contain Food)

this seriously works... It worked for me (stop all junk and follow these rules - I lost 20 lbs in one month)

How to Lose Weight Without Even Trying

Calm those whiny beasts at night with this Whiny Bug Calming Rub with Magnesium! | www.homemademommy...

May have to try this next time...

Beat strep throat with no antibiotics. It's not as hard as you might think!

8 Minute Yoga for Better Sleep--great bedtime routine...