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Tandem Wardrobe Sweepstakes!

Here is our interpretation of what Juliana from Anna Jarzab's TANDEM would wear! Build your own board, and see contest details on the pin below (coming soon)!

"The red dress Sasha wears to the dinner party. I think this is my favorite of all the dresses in the book." - Anna Jarzab #tandem

"Juliana doesn’t wear pink (too girly) or purple (too royal) or blue (too demure). When she wears color, it’s bold, in-your-face poisonous animal colors – reds, oranges, greens. This is another example of an outfit with an aggressive, over-the-top detail (the ruffle) that shows how Juliana tries to keep people at a distance." - Anna Jarzab #Tandem

"I feel like Juliana would wear this, for a really dramatic moment." - Anna Jarzab #Tandem

not your average ordinary

"I cannot tell you how many pictures of tiaras I looked at when writing Tandem. I mean, hundreds. The tiara Sasha wears near the end of TANDEM looks like this one." - Anna Jarzab #Tandem

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Something Sasha would wear? #Tandem

This outfit seems very Sasha to us. #Tandem

Structured, guarded, almost like armor. #Tandem