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Campfire's burning......

Homestead Survivalist: What Benefits Can You Get From A Fireplace In Your Garden

$50 fire pit using concrete tree rings

IKEA Hack camp stove from the cutlery holder.

2-Can camping stove. If you used a #10 can, I bet you could cook a bit more.

Straw logs are 100% British, sustainable biofuel. Straw logs are grown as part of a sustainable farming operation. They are a by-product of British food production, have an annual carbon cycle and offer a green alternative to coal and wood in open fires, wood burners and stoves. Each log burns for 40 to 50 mins the energy value is 4.5 kw hours per kg. Each pack contains 5 logs. PK 35cm x 25cm x7cm

The Frontier Stove Water Heater holds 3 litres of water. It wraps around the bottom flue section and sits on top of the Frontier Stove. Once the water has boiled the water heater can be turned around to ‘hang’ from the bottom flue. Beautifully made from brushed Stainless Steel. Brass tap Size: 210 x 140 x 320 mm Weight: 1.6 kg

Kindle cones are natural pine cones. Their base has been set into a bed of wax infused with bark, spices and cinnamon oil. Light the wick and set amoungst the kindling and your fire will be blazing in minutes. Hand made in Dorset. Bag of 12 cones

Some fun campfire game ideas (couple could be used as get to know you games etc): Growing Play: 5 Games to Play Around a Campfire

How to start a fire in the rain - Scouting magazine

Make a campfire cupcake inside an orange.

Campsite Cooking with Reynolds Wrap...some great ideas (scroll to bottom of page and double click on the icon) - some other links to camp/scout sites (don't all connect anymore)

Seashell Fire Pit