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phaedra kiedis

phaedra kiedis

I shoot people for money.

How I feel when my sister is coming over.

But climate change is crap, isn't it Tony? Climate science is all made up but god is real.

  • Meg Chetter

    can't wait to see him in Question time...nowhere to run and hide there! Wonder if he will use his ear piece? :/

  • Helena Handbasket

    I really hope Doug Cameron lets it rip about bushfires and climate change.

Where the "Suppository" Meme came from, Tony Abbott Leader Of The OPPOSITION. (Which Explains The Party's Policy Blockage)

Tony's Report Card- fight dirty fighters dirty

Eat the rich (they're really indigestible)

Kim Kardashian works this woven silk dress with its plunging surplice neckline, pleated shoulders, and a modern draped skirt. Myne Heidi dress in nude.

Great Business outfit