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Ravensburger Digital

Ravensburger Digital

We develop online and mobile games as well as hybrid games - focussed on high quality casual gaming and family entertainment. Imprint: http://www.ravensburger-g

Sunday is Mother's Day! Time to say "Thank you" to our Mommies. A nice breakfast is just one way to do it. You can find more ideas in our iPad app #RavensburgerPuzzle:

The app "Living Stories -- The Lost Song" offers a unique, touching and musical reading experience on the iPad. With this app, children can playfully discover the world of music and be enchanted by imaginative illustrations. They can also lead their own orchestra and compose their own melodies. The app can therefore easily give children their first experience of making music and utilises the tablets capabilities in a practical and useful way.

★★★ A fabulous reading experience for iPad -- from Ravensburger's "Living Stories" app series ★★★ Experience the famous fairy tale in a magic way! Accompany the Brave Little Tailor mastering his difficult tasks in a creative and very funny way. Beautiful illustrations, original music and exciting animations that will enchant you. A traditional fairy tale that you'll bring to new life by the touch of your finger!

Las Vegas is based on the "SPIEL DES JAHRES" 2012 nominated board game from the company Alea, known for publishing gripping card and board games such as Puerto Rico and San Juan. Las Vegas combines simple gameplay with challenging strategy for a motivating, addictive gaming experience. Once you have started a game, you'll want to play second round, then another... and another.

TV video "From board game to app" - - - - - Source: Video link: Format: PIXEL, episode 15 March 2013

Revertis 2 - a little challenge. Thank you for the review #fun2tap:

Whoowasit? HD - Spooky Cluedo for all the family. Full review at:

Find the difference and test your skills ★★★ "Spot it" - NEW game on Facebook ★★★ One of the most spectacular implementation of a "Find the difference" game on facebook. You have hundreds of pictures to choose from, in which you search for hidden differences. Play it for FREE: #spotit #game #facebook

Jiggy from #PuzzleAdventures celebrated his birthday yesterday with a delicious cake. Thank you all for a great year and the many congratulations! To celebrate, he’s got a big surprise for all of you in the #DailyBonus. For the next seven days, you can get a Double Bonus! Play now to collect your own birthday bonus ->

"Living Stories - Das Verlorene Herz" für iPad (iOS): The first interactive story from the new iPad app series "Living Stories" published by Ravensburger Digital and Daedalic Entertainment. More infos on the App Store and www.ravensburger-... #RavensburgerDig #LivingStories

Trailer "Take it Easy" [HD] - for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. "Take it Easy" is a puzzle, a brain teaser and a game! It is bingo with strategy! "Take It Easy" is a simple, yet surprisingly addictive and thought-provoking game that will give you endless hours of fun. Available on the AppStore:

Happy Halloween! There are three little differences between both pictures. Can you spot them all in the left picture? And somebody from our social game #PuzzleAdventures is hiding in the picture, too. To play #PuzzleAdventures on Facebook click here ->

The picture before: Ravensburger Digital goes Wiesn 2012... but we can´t show the after Wiesn pictures :)) #RavensburgerDig

A new puzzle picture "Untere Wassergasse" from our #webpuzzles user "Puzzelkater". If you want to do this jigsaw #puzzle online, please follow the link: www.ravensburger-...

A new puzzle picture "Dahlie" from our #webpuzzles user "titiwu". If you want to do this jigsaw #puzzle online, please follow the link: www.ravensburger-...

"Whoowasit?" is the digital adaptation of the "Children's game of the Year 2008" by the successful author Dr. Reiner Knizia. Now the fun tactical adventure full of mystery and magic is finally available on iPhone and iPad! (available from September, 6th) The king's castle is in danger! The evil wizard has been seen near the kingdom. Only the king's magical ring can protect the castle, but it has disappeared. Can you find the thief? #Whoowasit #RavensburgerDig

Games night - Ravensburger Digital The motto of yesterday´s games night: "Make a fool out of yourself!" :))

The exciting card game based on the award-winning strategy game Puerto Rico is now available for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. Experience the Spanish colonisation once again with San Juan. Available on the AppStore: #SanJuan #PuertoRico

Without words! But they still need games for theie iPod & iPad :) www.ravensburger-...

Puzzle XXL - with our new 60-inch flatscreen. We really ♥ it!!! #puzzle #ravensburgerdigital

A new puzzle picture from our #webpuzzles user "tina24". Thank you so much! If you want to do this jigsaw #puzzle online, please follow the link: www.ravensburger-...

Do this beautiful jigsaw #puzzle online: www.ravensburger-.... Many thanks to our user "eulchen", who sent us this picture for our #webpuzzles community.

Many thanks to our #webpuzzles user "san40". We choose this beautiful picture for our #webpuzzles community in August. If you like to do this #puzzle online, please follow the link: www.ravensburger-...

Many thanks to our #webpuzzles user "Sonnengöttin". He/she send us this picture for our #webpuzzles community. If you like to do this #puzzle online, please follow the link: www.ravensburger-...

A new great picture from our #webpuzzles user "Eusebius" called "Chamäleon". If you like to do this #puzzle online, please follow this link: www.ravensburger-...