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FitBit Math--Standards: 6.RP.1, 6.RP.2, 6.RP.3, 7.RP.1, 7.RP.2, 7.RP.3--SMP: SMP1, SMP2, SMP3, SMP4--Skills: Ratios, Proportions, Unit Rates, Problem solving, Real world problems--6th and 7th Grades --Reflections, Tangents, and Other Thoughts on Math Instruction

Beginning of the year #math activity to get the kids thinking mathematically and interested in numbers again! Blog post via Shut the Door and Teach

Shut the Door and Teach: Figure Me Out Beginning of the Year Math

For these rings, this blogger purchased 2" book rings (set of 12) from Office Max for $4.79 & some beads from Michael's for $2.49. But the Dollar Store has packs that may end of being a better buy. May be nicer than the pipe cleaner rings I made with St to have their own personal set. Could use these @ a Math Station.

The Artful Child: The Art of Numbers: Counting Rings

Setting Up Math Bins

The Science Penguin: Um...Can you teach math?

Checkers Math Fun! Practice measurement facts with old-fashioned rug checkers - circle labels included in English and Spanish.

QR Code Fraction Jenga! Covers most of the 4th grade CCSSs on fraction - it's self-checking - it's fun - it's FREE! Great fraction review.

Least common multiple activity where students used a "multiple mountain" to find the LCM. They chose their own numbers and listed the first seven multiples of each number. If they didn't find the LCM, they used prime factorization on the trees at the base of their mountains.

Decimal Operations Flow Chart (Add, Subtract, Multiply and Divide)

What goes better with equivalent fractions than ZOMBIES! Each of these ghouls represents a fraction; surrounding them are equivalent fractions that are missing a numerator or denominator. Alas, one of them is a ZOMBIE and cannot be completed!

Teaching in Room 6: Simplifying Fractions...oh boy

Prime Numbers Game: deal cards to 2-4 players -> each player flips first card in their stack -> players look at all stacks-> first player to slap stack that contains prime # gets all cards in that stack. could use this for spotting factors of given number as well.

Target boards game: how many factors of 48 are there? which number on the grid has the most factors? how many prime numbers are there?

Fun Factor Game Using The Factor Tree That Helps Reinforce Prime Factorization.

Math = Love: Prime Factorization using the Birthday Cake Method

Teaching GCF using the ladder method. The sticky notes are for the prime factors that the students divide by each time. To find the GCF the students have to multiply the numbers on the sticky notes. They loved it and thought it was so easy!

Middle School OCD: Master Math Notebook: Divisibility Rules (part 4 of a gazillion parts)

decimal place value foldable for notebook

Caught in the Middle: Scientific Notation Practice, anyone?