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Rabbit Cage & Barn Ideas :)

RL - Holland Lops for pet & show. We also own 2 mutt-breed bucks that are pets, only. I may raise a few meat pen rabbits too, but no plans yet.

Pet rabbit cage idea.

Rabbit cage - $300 (Polk city Florida )

RL Rabbitry's homemade 6x3 ft rabbit runs. These are perfect when we have nice weather because the adult rabbits can stay out for 4+ hours to play while being protected from predators, lightweight enough to be moved to grassier areas once the grass has been eaten, and great for younger kits who are too small to be released into the larger, permanent play pens. •

RL Rabbitry | Rabbitry Photos // 1 of the 3 large playpens we have built in the rabbit room. Generally we usually only let the big males and our brood doe, Daisy in these pens.

*If this was one large run instead of 2, it would be perfect for a Flemish giant!! [dog house for multiple big dogs | Large Two Dog House, Kennel+Run 8x8 Delvd & Installed | eBay]

Large Two Dog House, Kennel+Run 8x8 Delvd & Installed

PVC pipe pastured chicken or rabbit run. I wouldn't keep them in there 24/7 but it would be good in the cooler months as exercise and grazing pens. *some rabbits will try to dig out, so you can put chicken wire in the bottom so they can't. Personally in 10 years of owning rabbits, we have never had that happen, but we also check on the rabbits every few hours to make sure everyone is fine.

Faye Farms - FARM LIFE - Pastured Poultry Pen

rabbit cage multilevel- I might try building Batman something like this with the 40 white 14" x 14" wire panels that I got online from The Store Supply Warehouse for only $1.10 each!! Check it out!

rabbit cage multilevel, photo two of three

#DIY Cage Tags ~ RL Rabbitry: I made my own tag layout in Word. After laminating the tags, I put them in clear ID badge holders that have pre-punched holes for clips. I made a color chart to hang in the rabbit room telling what each color means so it's easier for when I'm gone for others to know what each tag means.. Pink: doe Id/Blue: buck Id/Purple: breeding /Red: illness, injury, treatment/ Yellow: for sale./White - feeding, general notes./ Green and orange = extras.

*** rabbit hutch/ pen***

*** rabbit hutch/ pen***

12X16 tuff shed completely equiped to raise rabbits. Bass Kleen Flush system, 16 complete cages, air conditioned, and with water system.

12X16 Building to Raise Rabbits

Windows are boarded because other shed was broken in to. Windows are in excellent condition! Nice shed 10X14ft. 7ft high in center. Wood workbench, wood flooring, windows with screens. No leaks! Must go!

Nice metal shed must go! - Moving

How to connect the rabbit cages to the frame so they can be removed for cleaning or transport

View image - rabbitry02

meat rabbit cages.

housing meat rabbits | Page 2 |

Cage Tags - very important to have. Usually different colors are assigned for different meanings (I.e. Pregnant does, name tags, for sale)

Barn tip: Cage tags for shows

Hayseed Happenings: Assembling the rabbit cages

Hayseed Happenings: Assembling the rabbit cages

rabbit cage. Good for meat pens - have the doe and buck on the end cages and use the 2 middle cages for grow out pens - Homesteading Today

Sticky for rabbit cage photos? - Homesteading Today

KBtatts Tattoo Pen - Home

KBtatts Tattoo Pen

I like the simple cage design. The only thing is that if they were outside, they would need a wind/winter barrier. -- stacking functions in permaculture farming. Rabbitry over worm bins. Larger cage and windrows in ground for worms

Stacking functions

Portable loafing shed: great for hanging rabbit cages, especially fryers.