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If you don't who will?

Funny Pictures Of The Day - 91 Pics

i don't always.... swedish chef ...

Twitter / 500ThingsMyCatT: i don't always.... tnx ...

Stormtroopers always miss

Photographic Proof That Stormtroopers Have Terrible Aim


This student deserves a medal…


Child is ‘stuck in’ phone…

Wars On Kincade by Jeff Bennett

Artist Adds 'Star Wars' Themes to Famous Thomas Kinkade Paintings

3D Pencil Drawings by Ramon Bruin

Lu Chao – Black Forest @ Hadrien de Montferrand (Beijing) - Lu Chao – Black Forest, 2013 - Oil on canvas (90 x 120 cm)

Han Solo carbonite fridge.

1888: The Graves of a Catholic woman and her Protestant husband, Holland. “The graves of Colonel J.C.P.H and Catholic noblewoman J.W.C Van Gorkum. Married in 1842. In 1888, Van Gorkum died, she wanted to be buried next to her husband. Pillarisation (a form of religious and political segregation in Holland) was still in effect at the time, and according to the law, this was impossible. His wife was buried on the other side of the wall, which was the closest she could get to her husband.”

Retronaut - c. 1940s: Tuba players

c. 1920s: House on wheels