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guided reading table with dry erase circles - Great for math stations with me.

Polka Dot Kinders: Last Chance & Cribs: Classroom Edition

A bulletin board for my American Government class - perfect to display great quotes from presidents. And a little entertaining too.

Cell phone for your book character. This is an authentic activity that students would relate to! They can do this about a character in their book. I LOVE it!!

SAMPLE ENGAGEMENT STRATEGY: "I’ll pass out two or three poker chips to every student. As we begin the discussion I ask each student to give me back a chip each time they answer a question. Rapidly the talking students use up their chips. Since they can no longer speak in the class it leaves the non-talking students to answer the remaining questions." (MORE IN POST)

classroom collective : "a website to have a place all teachers can go for information, lessons, professional development, new tech tricks and inspiration"

A Colorful Sixth Grade Classroom - what i really LOVE are the egg cartons with plastic eggs showing fractions - genious!

Interesting. Very smart and thrifty teacher! math journals!

Lesson Plan Book. Pinning this now, look at closer later. This teacher is brilliant!

a super easy & cheap craft idea that I use for several groups. We add tools to our tool box. In my social group, the students made their own toolboxes from construction paper & for each skill we make a tool to help remember it by. Like to be a flexible thinker, we made a lightbulb. To stop then act, we made mini stopsigns. By the end of our sessions, they have concrete examples of all the skills they learned. many cool ideas. I can't wait to make some with my class

One of the best sites I have seen for helping set up Writer's Workshop. She has amazing ideas for genre units (and celebrations)!