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Teaching 4th Grade Social Studies

Teach123 - tips for teaching elementary school: Native Americans: Research, Interactive Journals, Task Cards, & More

This is a 13 colony activity where students will write the correct state under the correct colony. They will then take the words from the word ban...

13 Colonies Match Up Activity

Candadian History Book 1 Chapter 1 This really helped my students understand: glaciers, raising sea levels, and the land bridge theory.

Land Bridge Lesson Plan - Layers of Learning

EASY: Integrate Social Studies with ELA! 18 nonfiction leveled texts total (6 texts on three levels – below grade level, on grade level, and above grade level) related to the Age of Exploration. Each passage includes Common Core comprehension printables. Included The Age of Exploration Texts: *Christopher Columbus *Hernando de Soto *Ferdinand Magellan *Navigational Technology *Land Bridge Theory *Special Section* Exploration by Country - Spain, Portugal, France, The Netherlands and England

This is one of my favorite units! It motivates students to want to learn about the Native Americans of North America (Eastern Woodlands, Great Plains, Southwest, Northwest Coast, Southeast). For each region, there is a 2-page informational text and comprehension questions. In addition, create a Native America name, Picture Writing, Project, Study chart, Map of the regions, Dream Catcher project and writing, Totem Pole Craft and writing, rain dance instructions, acrostic poem, quiz and rubrics.

A great addition to the social studies classroom, this book includes poems about famous explorers. Figurative language in this book includes similes and metaphors.

Polka Dot Lesson Plans: Social Studies Menu - will need to adapt and clarify for students...but I really do like the idea of letting them choose how they want to present their project. Especially in social studies content.

Polka Dot Lesson Plans: Social Studies Menu {Tried it Tuesday}

Teach123 - tips for teaching elementary school: Native Americans: Research, Interactive Journals, Task Cards, More

The 13 Colonies: if you are studying the thirteen colonies, then this poster will fit right into your lessons.

The 13 Colonies Poster Activity

I was more than a little excited when I came up with this idea -Integrating math and social studies! #4th grade #math

French & Indian War | George Washington

French & Indian War

Use speech bubbles on famous paintings to get students thinking/writing! l LOVE this idea! - perfect to use with Strip Designer or Comic Touch!

Tip of the Week - Thought Bubbles on Photos

The Civil War in Four Minutes! Amazing. Probably the best thing I've seen in a long time. :)

Resolutions and the Revolutionary War

Ginger Snaps: Resolutions and the Revolutionary War

Civil War Interactive app - this might be good for 5th grade history

Civil War Interactive

If you study the pioneer days, you need this post! It's filled with crafts to make to make your unit come alive!