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4 Beverages You Should Be Drinking #beverage #health #wellness #healthydrinks

4 Beverages You Should Drink

If you want to beat sugar addiction, I swear by this Cleanse & Detox Smoothie! #cleanse #detox #sugaraddiction

12 Steps to Ending Food Addiction, Once and For All. #foodaddiction #food #healthy

Skinny Ms. Monthly Challenges

Need this! How to Stretch Your Lower Back and Hips. Best for people with crazy #sciatic nerve pain.

What's your fitness goals? Need a new workout? Want to get ready for Summer? We're here to help.

My massage therapist recommends this too! Adult and kid detox : How to take a Detox Bath to rid your body of toxins. Great for when you have a cold or flu. One Pinner said: I did this one night and felt amazing afterwards! So relaxed and no aches and pains.

5 things that will stop sugar cravings. Thank goodness I found this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

How To Stop Sugar Cravings

It's important to be able to identify stress-eating triggers and to have a "plan of attack" for resisting the urge.

Natural drinks to help get slim and trim from the #biggestloser. You CAN eat the fruit ingredients used in each drink, but they're mainly there for the taste.

Natural beauty tips. One pinner said, "I tried the blackhead remover (milk and baking soda) and it removed gunk i never thought I'd be able to get rid of! totally using this as my face scrub from now on."

Runny nose from allergies? A study found taking 100mg of Panthothenic Acid (Vitamin B5) before bedtime cleared a stuffy nose within 15 minutes and subjects slept through the whole night. Another study found 250mg of Vitamin B5 resulted in almost instant relief of allergic rhinitis...sure need to try this.....

Metabolism boosting detox drink. Pinner says, " I'm reporting this because I drank it all week and I'm down 8.6 pounds!!!"

These 5 Foods Improve Mental Function - part of committing to a fit lifestyle is seeing what you can do to keep your body in optimum health

Women's Health, pick your body type and it will list the fitness and meal plans for your body type.

25 Healthy Foods to Add to Your Diet in 2012 1. green smoothie 2. quinoa 3. kale 4. beans 5. tofu 6. sweet potatoes 7. tahini 8. berries 9. pineapple/papaya 10. avacado 11. acai 12. macrobiotic meals 13. whole graines 14. smoothies 15. soba noodles 16. tempeh