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The only thing better than having you as a mom, is my children having you as a grandma

Each time you crack an egg open, instead of tossing the shell into the trash, drop it into an open container that you keep in the fridge. (I’ve always saved my shells, but my friend Susan suggested keeping them in the fridge – works beautifully.) When the container is full, crush the shells into small bits and sprinkle them around the base of your plants. The sharp eggshells will deter slugs, snails, and other bugs from nibbling on your garden and add a touch of calcium to the soil

Sneak in your child's bedroom during the night before their birthday and release balloons for them to wake up to! One day I WILL do this!

20 Mom-Daughter dates for older daughters. Some we can do now, some will need to wait until she's older. All great ideas.

To avoid tangles when you travel, slip your necklace through a drinking straw.

Baby Shower/ New Momma gift idea

This site takes the words of your favorite songs, quotes, or scriptures and creates a photo of your choice

Love this for when you're bored :) Long list of questions to ask each other- would be fun for a long car ride

"beer" easter basket for the man in your life.....awesome! I'll have to remember this one :)

Tiffany blue with Black and white!

I love the sage green paint and the off white trim... idea for painting the exterior of the house?

Vacation picture in frame with map of the place you visited! LOVE!

how to properly clean your makeup brushes. (a tablespoon of white vinegar in a cup of hot water, and a 20 minute soak, followed by a hot, then cold rinse and pat dry will do it. disinfects, dissolves grease/makeup, leaves no film, and inexpensive.)