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Bariatric Surgery (Weight Loss Surgery)

This board is ideal for individuals going through Bariatric Surgery. Specifically, it will focus on products, ideas and recommendations for the lap band, gastric bypass &/or gastric sleeve procedures. Information given on this board is intended for general use and should not replace specific suggestions given to you by your primary care physician or surgeon.

Proti DIET Products, available online only, great for post surgery (image from

P28- high protein bread, bagels & wraps (image from

Better n' Peanut Butter is a low fat peanut butter, available at many grocery stores (image from www.betternpeanut...)

this Restaurant Card can get you smaller portions at certain restaurants after surgery (image from

A Little Exercise Goes a Long Way - Imade from:

Yoplait Greek 100 Great high protein, low sugar yogurt. Use 2 weeks post-operation or when soft foods are introduced.

Light & Fit Greek Yogurt. Use 2 weeks post-operation or when other soft foods have been introduced.

Website to order bariatric supplements

Interesting connection between Bariatric Surgery and Liver Failure Risk

Atkins Advantage Shake - A ready to Drink protein shake good for pre and post bariatric surgery

Muscle Milk Light Vanilla Creme - Tasty protein powder for pre and post baraitric surgery

GNC Total Lean™ Lean Shake™ 25 - Rich Chocolate - GNC - good protein shake options for pre and post bariatric surgery

Nature's Bounty Vitamin B Complex Sublingual Liquid - appropriate B-complex supplement for pre and post bariatric surgery

  • Ian Smith

    I found this at the grocery store and tried it yesterday. I'll get through it because I got it on sale, but it tastes TERRIBLE.

GNC Liquid B-Complex - Natural Orange Flavor - good b-complex supplement for pre and post bariatric sugery

Calcium Citrate with Vitamin D3 & Magnesium - Great calcium citrate supplement for pre and post bariatric surgery

Centrum Centrum Chewable Tablets Orange Flavored - Good multivitamin, with adequate Iron, for pre and post bariatric surgery.

  • Ian Smith

    I'm about to have my VSG tomorrow, and I bought some of these to prepare. I tried one last night, and they taste just like the Flinstones vitamins I remember. Compared to the liquid sublingual B12, it's candy.

FLINTSTONES Complete Chewable Vitamins - Good Option for a Multi- Vitamin with adequate Iron pre and post bariatric surgery

High protein chips- 10gm of protein per bag. Use as a snack post surgery once following a "regular healthy low fat diet"

Powdered peanut butter, just add water! 85% less fat than regular peanut butter. Use during week 5 of post operation diet or whenever adopting a "healthy low fat diet"

High protein snack. Use during week 5 post operation or when following a "regular healthy diet"

High protein, gluten free cereal for post operation. Use after week 4 post operation or when on "soft, ground, moist" diet

High protein jello & yogurt. Use jello during week 1 post operation. 80 calories, 15gm protein Use yogurt after week 2 post operation.