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Hunks, Heros, Hotties, Heartstoppers and Pantydroppers - you're welcome. Xoxo, Loveswept

The company of books

Just what a Monday morning needs :-)

Good Morning sunshine :-)

Ahhhhh, you know when you hit a pinning streak? I can feel one warming up....

I should be doing work, I should be doing work, I should be.... ah, screw it!

So my "garden" may consist of a basil plant illegally placed out on my fire escape (don't tell my landlord) but....... "Mister, I think it's sick" #HunkDay #GreatOutdoors

My gift to humanity today? Sharing this with the world.

Tennis is underrated. Waaaay underrated.

Now just imagine, for a second, you're walking in the park one day, and this is what you come across.....what do you do?

Damn.....Just. Damn.