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... you're fun to kiss. ~Love Quote

This is funny because it's true for me. If there are dishes in the sink, a pile of laundry, and unmade beds-it has been a great writing day.

Autumn evening: A glass of wine, a good book and a cozy fire.

Marry the one who gives you the same feeling you get when you see food coming at a restaurant. ~Love Quote #SoundAdvice

Author #SharonCullen talks #Halloween! I was 8 or so in this photo. My grandparents visited Hawaii and brought back a hula girl outfit. I fell in love with it and of course had to wear it for Halloween. My favorite paranormal romance is Dark Lover by JR Ward. Her heroes are to die for!

Author #MonicaMcCarty talks #Halloween! That’s me as Wonder Woman (age 12ish), my sister as bat girl and my brother as a transformer. My mom actually made this costume for me. Sadly those sewing genes didn’t get passed down, and my kids are stuck with store bought! How about those groovy white boots? I think I wore them also for my second favorite halloween costume as a Raiderette! My favorite paranormal romance books are any of Karen Marie Moning’s Highlander books!

Author #LisaVanAllen talks #Halloween! My bff from college and I are all dolled up for a spooky Halloween-time play called Ghost Sonata. (I'm on the right.) It was so much fun, and we still talk about that play to this day. My favorite book for Halloween is a collection of poems and stories from Edgar Allan Poe—classic, spooky, brilliant! Plus, the cover art is wonderfully creepy so I like to put it out on display in October. Happy haunting!

Author #EllieCahill (aka Liz Czukas) talks #Halloween! I'm about 21--and man, I hope I didn't have any self-esteem issues, 'cause damn, self, look at that body of yours! I'm the devil, although tragically, you can't see that my t-shirt says "i do bad things" in rhinestones. At that age, I took any excuse i could find to wear my pleather pants! Halloween was huge at my college and this photo reminds me of these fun years! My favorite paranormal romance is Chime by Franny Billingsley.

Author #AshlynMacnamara talks #Halloween! (Halloween party in 1985) My husband and I were at university and newly dating. I think I was a starlet--those are Madonna-style sunglasses on my head! I made the bodice entirely by hand, as I had no sewing machine! My favorite paranormal romance is so old-school, it came out before paranormal romance existed as a genre! I found it in the library and devoured it: BEYOND THE STARLIT FROST by Rebecca Brandwyne.

Get my good side....

Forget the butterflies.... ~Love Quote

Author #TamaraMataya in her #Halloween costume! Q; Tell us about the photo. A: #SheRa Princess Of Power! Age 6. Bless my mum's heart for making me this costume, even though it looks more like Frosta and She Ra's lovechild. I always came up with weird things to be, and this one won me a costume contest. Q: What's your favorite paranormal romance? A: My favourite paranormal romance is definitely Karen Marie Moning's Fever series!

Author #MiraLynKelly talks #Halloween! Q: Tell me about the photo. A: Here's a snap from 2005, our first Halloween with a full Kelly crew! FYI, I go as a witch EVERY year...LOVE that black hat!! Q: What's your favorite paranormal romance? A:My favorite paranormal reads are the IMMORTALS AFTER DARK series by Kresley Cole with an extra special favorite spot for MACRIEVE :-)

I have loved you with an everlasting love. ~Love Quote

Some books need this warning.

1, 2, 3....are those 8 packs I see?!

I think my IQ momentarily dropped a couple points..... phew.

Oh, hey there, I see you've made it out of my dreams....