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5SOS Fanfics BoyxBoy

BoyxBoy Fanfictions for the Band 5 Seconds of Summer. Includes Cake, Mashton, Muke, Cashton, Malum, Lashton

"Smile Again" (Lashton AU) by Larry_Lashton *Trigger warning* COMPLETED

Smile Again (Lashton AU) - Wattpad

"following" (malum) by quantum_fags COMPLETED

following » malum † 1 † - Wattpad

"Rags Meets Riches" (Lashton AU) by Larry_Lashton *Punk!Luke Posh!Ashton* COMPLETED

Rags Meets Riches (Lashton AU) - Wattpad

"Deep" (Lashton) by quantum-fags *Don't read if easily triggered* COMPLETED

deep » lashton deep » prologue - Wattpad

Try Hard (Lashton/Larry)

"Tea and Cake" by terrrrrranceturtle- COMPLETED

Tea and Cake Chapter 1 - Wattpad

"Camp Counselor" by clifftesticle- NOT COMPLETE- Cake Fanfic

Camp Counselor (5SOS Cake) Prologue - Wattpad