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Hemp Leather Men Bracelet

Authentic Vintage Native American Breast Plate/Chest Piece. $145

Spell and the Gypsy Collective.

Spell and the Gypsy Collective.

DIY Medicine Ball. ("Use an awl or a drill to put a small hole in one of the black stripes on a basketball. Make sure it's big enough for the hole of a funnel. Funnel in some sand, fill it up to your desired amount, and then patch it with a tire-patch kit (or cover w/a few layers of heavy-duty duct tape.")

I did this with kool-aid, It is fun and lasts about 2 1/2 months, but depends on your hair color. To learn how to dye your hair with kool-aid look up "dip dyeing hair with kool-aid" heat up water in a pot with kool-aid then put in a cup and dip hair in! easy!

kool aid hair dye. boil kool aid (any color u want.)put any part of ur hair into the kool aid. wait a couple of minutes. wait 4 it to dry and it's done. this will come off in a couple of weeks!!!!!

antique skeleton key pendant, crystal quartz, uptown urban gypsy rock star, for DIY charm necklace

Gypsy bell jar. This person creates miniature scenes in bell jars. I kinda like kitschy stuff. I would have been mesmerised as a child.

Mermaid look