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Valentine's Day in the Classroom

Heart On A Vine Glitz Pencils

Glow Worm Valentines And Glow-In-The-Dark Bracelets Kit

You Rule! Valentine's Day Cards And Rulers

{} - Heart Penguin Craft for Kids

Crafts for Kids: Bring On The Bling Valentine Ring {Craft Tutorial}

Bring On The Bling Valentine Ring made with Hershey's Kisses
  • Anne Rios

    But of course auntie toot can make you one!! Lol

  • Jenny Lutz

    Lol!! whaaaaa what the?! I want one too! ..... ( making these ;) haha).... we'd be like aaron ry its chocolate... then suddenly its soo much cooler.when i wouldn't even eat mine haha x)

  • Kassandra Tafua

    i made these for my kids class! just struggling what to say on the valentines card! any ideas? so far all i got is ... valentine your a diamond in the rough! .. ha

  • Anne Rios

    Valentine, Shine bright like a diamond! Isn't that a song?? Lol

  • Manisha Jain

    How do i make these?????