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"I have nothing against work, particularly when performed, quietly and unobtrusively, by someone else." —Barbara Ehrenreich #quotes

"I think that if, instead of preaching brotherly love, we preached good manners, we might get a little further." —Eleanor Roosevelt #quotes

  • Chelsea Glenn McCallum

    Agreed, showing love would include good manners.

  • Emily Handler

    Love is a concept, whereas manners are an action.

  • Caron Slimak

    I think the world needs people who posses both. You can have impeccable manners but be a cold hearted biggot. T

  • Melanie Marino Spindler

    Love is active, not a feeling or a concept. If you have love for one another, you treat people with respect-- an active thing. If you're mannerly without anything behind it, it's disingenuous and people know it. Like when someone fake smiles at you in passing. It's hollow. "The church" is made of people...and I'm pretty sure Scripture speaks about mutual I can't separate "the church" or me/hubby teaching manners or respect of others to my kids...

  • Gretchen Piofcyk

    Love is not just a concept. It is also an action....hence the use of it as a verb.

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"Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm." —Ralph Waldo Emerson #quotes

"Dwelling on the negative simply contributes to its power." —Shirley MacLaine #quotes

"It isn't the great big pleasures that count the most; it's making a great deal out of the little ones." —Jean Webster #quotes

"I am extraordinarily patient, provided I get my own way in the end." —Margaret Thatcher #quotes

"All my life through, the new sights of Nature made me rejoice like a child." —Marie Curie #quotes

"No song or poem will bear my mother’s name. Yet so many of the stories that I write, that we all write, are my mother's stories" —Alice Walker

"Friends and good manners will carry you where money won't go." —Margaret Walker #quotes

"Every great mistake has a halfway moment, a split second when it can be recalled and perhaps remedied." —Pearl S. Buck #quotes

"I am one of those people who just can't help getting a kick out of life—even when it's a kick in the teeth." —Polly Adler #quotes

"I think knowing what you can *not* do is more important than knowing what you can do. In fact, that's good taste." —Lucille Ball #quotes

"America…it’s the one place where miracles not only happen, but where they happen all the time." —Thomas Wolfe

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"One cannot have too large a party." —Jane Austen #quotes

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“Nothing great is ever done without much enduring.”— St. Catherine of Siena

"A friend can tell you things you don't want to tell yourself."—Frances Ward Weller #quote #quotes #qotd

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"If you haven't forgiven yourself something, how can you forgive others?" —Dolores Huerta #quotes

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"Happiness is not a posession to be prized, it is a quality of thought, a state of mind." —Daphne du Maurier #quotes

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"Flowers and plants are silent presences; they nourish every sense except the ear." —May Sarton #quotes

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"Blessed are those who can give without remembering and take without forgetting." —Elizabeth Bibesco #quotes

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"I love you no matter what you do, but do you have to do so much of it?" —Jean Illsley Clarke #quotes

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