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Easy Decorating Ideas

Peonies Wallpaper by Tempaper: If you’re interested in wallpaper but not the commitment, this removable floral option offers instant elegance.

  • Simone (Tiny-Ass Apartment)

    I used this in my living room and love it! I had leftovers that I used on my cube walls at work, and people compliment it still!

Do you have odds-and-ends vases in the same color family? A compact arrangement will have visual impact.

If you constrain tulips (or calla lilies or ranunculus) about two-thirds of the way up with a cylinder vase, the natural arc of their soft stems will take care of the arranging.

Bermuda Pineapple: A charming ceramic take on the fruit that’s a traditional symbol of hospitality, sure to make guests feel right at home.

A not-too-scary step up from beige, this bathed-in-sunshine palette is cheerful, warm, and comforting.

Succulents thrive on neglect. They love to bask in the sun, and they won't dry out, because their fleshy leaves have a built-in water supply.

Ursa Minor: Kids at heart will enjoy the presence of this constellation-inspired beech-wood bear.

Octahedron Object: Geometric blue marble stuns in any setting as it offers solid support for a shelved row of books.

Enhance flavors—and your table setting—with a salt pinch pot made from a shell.

Sixty-eight inches is the ideal floor-lamp height, since it conceals the bulb whether you’re seated or standing.

Position a mirror to catch the light and bring the sun into a darker hallway. Paint the mirror a clean, crisp white for added brightness.

A continuous pattern, like this modern black-and-white zigzag, running across a counter or backsplash is graphic and unexpected.

Prompt spontaneous creativity with a clean (or artfully decorated) slate.

  • Mary Hurlburt

    I like this. I seen similar things before. Cool idea. I need to get to work on it.

Give a room a clean look with a sofa that has long, lean lines and minimal cushioning.

Eucalyptus and Sage Candle: For a nose that prefers natural notes.

A tight grouping of several small vases hides individual imperfections while creating a sculptural effect.

Combine three shades of African violets in a curvy urn. Cover with sheet moss (sold at most nurseries) to add a cozy feel and to help hold in moisture.

This tone-on-tone assemblage starts with miniature citrus fruits (key limes, kumquats) and Peruvian lilies bursting with color.

Set a casual table with a bouquet of hot-colored paper flowers, guaranteed not to wilt.

How to turn baby's breath flowers from the supermarket into a wow-worthy bouquet.

  • Brittany Ketterman

    My wedding bouquet was nothing but three bulk bunches of baby's breath tied together. It was huge and fluffy and magnificent. And it cost less than $10.

  • Brittany Ketterman

    Oh, and it dried beautifully and looked just as beautiful as our wedding day for years. That is, until it was knocked off the shelf and shattered.

  • Real Simple

    Great to read, Brittany! (Except about the shattering, of course.)

  • Jae Cunitz

    This was my wedding bouquet as well. I loved it! It was beautiful and perfect for my picnic wedding.

Buy frames with precut mats first, then print out favorite images to fill them at whatever size you need.

A small touch of pattern on the windows can brighten up a space.

Fill a ceramic vase or jug with peonies cut at different lengths, then tuck begonia and coleus leaves around the flowers.

Follow these three Feing Shui decorating tricks to make your house feel happy and calm.