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Celebrate this spook holiday with costumes, candy, cocktails, and more.

Get these ideas for turning leftover Halloween candy into delicious desserts: caramel cheesecake pie, minty brownies, candy corn bark, and chocolate-covered frozen bananas. See the full Halloween candy recipes.

What to Do With Leftover Halloween Candy: Video

Guess which one of these is healthier: Reese's Peanut Butter Cups or Snickers.

Which Halloween Candy Is Healthier?
  • Andrea Phelps

    Pin paid for ber the Mars corporation!!.

  • Janna King

    People who never eat chocolate shouldn't be trusted ;) I, for one, was glad to see this article because I am trying to be healthy but yes I am going to treat myself to ONE piece of candy this Halloween

  • Joni Uptegrove

    Don't get me wrong, I eat chocolate almost on a daily basis. Just frustrates me to no end when people are surprised that they're gaining weight, or that there's an obesity epidemic in this country. I couldn't sleep at night if I worked in the marketing dept for McD's, Hershey's, etc. They use wording like this caption to make you think you're making a good decision and some people just don't know better and believe it! When I eat chocolate, I KNOW it's going straight to my thighs lol

  • Mary Brannon

    I read the article and Snickers is the healthier but on the bright side for Reese's, it's chocolate

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If your plans involve picking and carving, then send out a festive invite with all of the party details.

It’s scary how quickly Halloween creeps up on us. Looking for a low-maintenance disguise? This set, which includes six paint sticks, nine different stencils, and two sponge applicators, is all you need for making creative, not-so-frightening faces.

13 haunted places to visit.

13 Haunted Places to Visit
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Cyclops Micro Hat Clip Light: This angled LED clip is an effortless way to temporarily put a light bulb on your (thinking) cap. The top mount design allows you to simply attach the clip to your headgear.

6 Quirky Flashlights for Halloween

Mini Dynamo LED Flashlight: For a light that just won’t quit, keep this petite rechargeable helper on hand and, with a quick wind-up, it will deliver light in a pinch.

Solar-Powered Illuminating Water Bottle: The BPA-free bottle has a solar powered lid (four bright LEDs are sealed inside the cap), which illuminates the liquid inside while also eliminating battery frenzy.

No matter what you serve, these striped paper straws will add a festive touch to any yummy cocktail.

Festive Halloween Party Supplies

Woodhouse Chocolate Eyeball Truffles: Grownups will love these spooky truffles filled with flavored ganache including brown butter and raspberry.

6 Wickedly Good Halloween Treat Ideas

Flexi Flash: This pliable silicone light is sleek enough to go nearly unnoticed, yet lends a bright helping hand in a tight spot. Wrap it around your dog’s leash or your bike’s handlebar for a late-night guiding light.

6 Quirky Flashlights for Halloween

Whether kids want to hang on to their own bounties or swap for favorites, give them a place to take stock and revel in their riches.

Grip LED Flashlight: The cone-shaped head allows it to easily stand on its own and the LED bulb means a longer-lasting guiding light.

An fun, easy guide to palm reading.

A Guide to Palm Reading

LEGO Star Wars Darth Vader Head Lamp: Let the force be with you (and your little one) with a headband that lights the way through Vader’s movable legs.

6 Quirky Flashlights for Halloween
  • LaRayne Lundell

    Ok, for my Lego / Star Wars loving peeps! Here you go, the ultimate for Halloween!

  • Grammarous

    Do you have to be little? My husband would totally wear this!

  • Real Simple

    There's no age limit on safety, right? ;)

Lake Champlain Chocolates “No Tricks, Only Treats” Coin Cube: Make these 12 creamy milk chocolate coins your go-to hostess gift for the lady of the (haunted) house.

6 Wickedly Good Halloween Treat Ideas

Starburst Candy Corn: These striped “kernels” come in cherry, orange, strawberry, and lemon.

6 Wickedly Good Halloween Treat Ideas

For a vibrant and festive touch, hang orange and black lanterns, designed with Halloween silhouettes, along the ceiling.

A make-ahead menu calls for very little toil and trouble. Fill the table with corn bread, a big green salad, and a batch of tortilla soup. Provide an extra pair of (disembodied) hands to serve it up.

Halloween Party Ideas for Kids

Spider Web Cake Stand: This black metal cake stand, inspired to resemble a cobweb, is the perfect addition to a party tablescape.

Festive Halloween Party Supplies