Hello Beaux... This is Bailey Chase from Longmire. But the second I saw him I was like DUDE that is Beaux from Alpha's Truth. Writing it now.

Cowboys & Indians Interview: Longmire's Bailey Chase

Say Hi to Beaux from my Fallen Alphas series...

tahmoh penikett - AOL Image Search Results

Lou Diamond Phillips....I don't know when or what yet but he is going in a book.

SGU: Lou Diamond Phillips Cast as Col. Telford « Solutions Blog

Scott Speedman...Say hi to Lael. The last hero in the last book in Capes series.

48 Scott Speedman photo.jpg picture gallery at NowHaveFun!

Ricky Whittle "The 100"==He'll be getting his own book too. I'm thinking a Fallen Alpha

James Marsters

James Tupper - Google Search

Billy Burke (using him right now..)

Charlie Hunnam

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