I love gradient quilts and with this diagram it wouldn't be too hard to do at all.

Lady Leigh Iris

By Grapes & Hearts - Elmar Quilt Top: Dare to be Different. I want to blatantly copy this quilt, it's just so fab!

Learn how to bind a quilt using the quilt back. Quick and simple to sew | patchwork posse

How to bind a quilt using the quilt back

Great idea for using bits of embroidered vintage linen by HenHouse. would like to try this with some of mom's old embroidered pieces.

Celebrate Hand Quilting: DIY a (inexpensive) home hand quilting floor frame

Homemade Quilts! This reminds me of the block I made for the musical "Quilters" that I was an actress in - the block is now a pillow. I am a better on stage quilter than a real life quilter!

quilted vw bug, I know it's not anything I'd ever do but it is kind of a fun and over-the-top look.

This hand quilting by Holly DeGroot is so lovely! The color choices are fab as well!

quilted bench- my grandmother covered her sofa like this only she used polyester. It wore like iron. I wish she would have lasted that long. I miss her

Sewing 101: Know your presser foot - House of Pinheiro

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