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1. Buy some "magic" Jelly Beans 2. Plant them in your yard- this only works the night before Easter (wink wink) 3. The next morning go out and see what grew (large Lollipops!) Totally doing this!!! :)

Use toilet paper rolls to make cars to use during review games when playing with teams. The car that gets the farthest wins.

Use tension rods and a sheet to make a tent in the hallway for the kids. You can decorate the sheet with fabric paint or markers. And can be easily stored when done. This is AWESOME!!

Birthday Lunch! Everything is wrapped up. :)

Wrap up twenty-five Christmas children's books and put them under the tree with a special Christmas quilt or blanket next to them. Before bed each evening, your kids choose one book to open and read together until Christmas. Awesome, awesome way to get kids excited about reading

SO CUTE "This is to remind you When I have grown so tall, That once I was quite little And my hands were very small.” 2 cups of Flour 1/2 cup of Salt 1/2 cup or less of Water. Christmas ornament

Car Wallet - great idea for traveling anywhere with little boys!

Peter Pan cut out of paper glue to top of lamp shade...AWESOME!!!

Great ideas to surprise kids that don't involve money. These are the kinds of things they truly remember! The comments section is packed with ideas.

Camping party! Perfect for those cold, winter months. This would be so much fun on Christmas Eve.

Santa Footprints = Baking soda and Glitter ... What a way to keep the magic alive! I hope I remember this someday! I love this!