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Are you trying to help your students build their self esteem or to take pride in themselves? These 2 worksheets are ideal for doing just that. Stud...

Self Esteem: Positive Thinking Worksheets

About Faces Card Game

From Creativity in Therapy. For an art therapy directive: "Imagine your life has been like a journey along a road. What would this road look like? Where have you been and where are you headed?"

Creativity in Therapy: The Road of Your Life

Entirely Elementary...School Counseling: Self-control bubbles

Entirely Elementary...School Counseling: Inspired By

Creativity in Therapy: How Full Is Your Bucket? | Carolyn Mehlomakulu, LMFT, ATR- The bucket metaphor lends itself well to interactive and creative activities for children, groups, or families.

Creativity in Therapy: How Full Is Your Bucket?

Great site for worksheets for therapy!

Therapist Aid: Therapy Worksheets, Tools, and Handouts

How To Create A Gratitude Jar

How To Create A Gratitude Jar

How To Create A Gratitude Jar

Notecards for clients to write down what they take away from each session - they can keep all the cards together on a ring as a reminder

Strategy Rings | My Blog

Consider closing counseling sessions with kids choosing a positive affirmation from the "positive affirmations box"

Talking to your kids about school: Over 140 questions. Great way to get kids to discuss thoughts and feelings related to school.

Respect ... What it means to me- goes with Everyone Matters book

Cut the phrases into individual cards and allow students to add to proper categories.- Ideas to Promote Kindness and Courtesy

Assorted Ideas Promote Kindness and Courtesy |

This would be FUNNY! Dice with emotions & animals--kids have to act them out. A great rainy day game for the kids!

How to practice self-forgiveness, one of EFTI's Twelve Easy Emotional Fitness Exercises.