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The Chew TV Show

The Chew is ABC's cooking show with a team of expert hosts known as The Chew crew. Mario Batali is the go-to guy on Italian cuisine & food history. Michael Symon loves bacon recipes and Five in Five recipes. Daphne Oz finds ways to make healthy recipes and lighter dishes. Carla Hall is the baking goddess, with dessert recipes and perfect pie crusts. Clinton Kelly handles cocktail recipes, style advice, and food etiquette. Lively guests and great recipes mean it's always a party in the kitchen!

Mario Batali answered a Mystery Fridge Challenge with his Mystery Hash with Hollandaise and Fried Eggs recipe.

Clinton Kelly whipped up lots of great drinks and treats from leftovers on his show, including his delicious Cappuccino Shake recipe.

Chef Nancy Fuller came by The Chew to whip up a special Flourless Bacon & Broccoli Quiche recipe.

Carla Hall whipped up a mouthwatering Slow Cooker Apple Spice Cake recipe on The Chew, with the help of Mario Batali.

The Chew: Chef Carla Hall's Slow Cooker Apple Spice Cake Recipe

Mario Batali made a Spicy San Francisco Bay Lifeguard Seafood recipe in honor of Clinton Kelly’s trip to San Francisco to visit his grandmother.

Anthony Anderson came by The Chew to talk about his new show Black-ish and help Michael Symon make a Corn Pudding with Collards and Mushrooms recipe.

Michael Symon made his Braised Short Ribs with Pearl Onions and Potatoes recipe and Daphne Oz paired it with her Greens with Attitude recipe.

Carla Hall made her Fig Upside Down Cake recipe on The Chew and Clinton Kelly made his Big Bash Punch recipe.

Mario Batail celebrated his trip to the Cherry Festival in Traverse City, Michigan, by making a special Cherry Stuffed Chicken Leg recipe.

The Chew: Chef Mario Batali's Cherry Stuffed Chicken Legs Recipe

Jesse Metcalfe came by The Chew to talk about his show Dallas and help Clinton Kelly make a special Green Tomato Gazpacho recipe with grilled lobster.

Craig Ferguson helped Michael Symon make a Classic American Sliders recipe on The Chew.

Mario Batali made a special Shrimp, Cream Cheese & Spinach Pasta recipe, which was made after rolling the dice for random ingredients.

Michael Symon whipped up Boris Kodjoe’s Chicken Schnitzel recipe with Browned Butter Mashed Potatoes and a Crunchy Granny Smith Apple recipe.

The Chew: Boris Kodjoe & Michael Symon's Chicken Schnitzel Recipe

Michael Symon and Clinton Kelly whipped up a special Clams with Spicy Italian Sausage and Peppers recipe on The Chew.

Actress Nicole Ari Parker came by The Chew to make her Pan-Roasted Chicken with Potatoes and Carrots recipe.