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egg carton flowers. no way. #DIY

Diwali: Festival of Lights | Kerby Centre

How To Cut Burlap So That it Won't Unravel

How To Cut Burlap So That it Won't Unravel

making dragonflies using maple seeds and twigs

Filth Wizardry: Autumn woodland treasure sculpture

Glue rope to your used coffee cans! Cheap, chic organizing.

Touch the Sky | Audrey Pettit's Weblog

hanging flower balls. Wiffle balls from dollar store, dollar store fake flowers, pull the stems off the flower, hot glue around the circle in the wiffle ball, press flower into the hole making sure the bottom of the flower, keep going until the ball is full of flowers, then hang with a ribbon.

♥ Create this bling storage pot for your bathroom

simple! layer cheap plastic beads in ramekins or cake pans (no lining required), melt at 400 for 20 minutes. let cool & then just flip them out. you can drill a hole in it to make it a suncatcher.

Melted bead suncatchers - HOME SWEET HOME
  • Marilynn Spencer

    So cool Thanks

  • Pat Geurtze

    I would make these if I could do this on the barbecue grill outdoors. Has anyone tried it?

  • Julie Trezise

    Great idea, thanks

  • Kristin R

    Are we sure there are no toxic fumes? That would definitely dampen the fun!

  • Margaret Rose Realy, Obl. OSB

    The smell of melting plastic will be irritating to those with asthma or COPD. The fumes are not supposed to be toxic until there is smoke. With this windows and turn on vent fans!

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Add Dollar store / Craft Store Pearl Garland to a regular Photo Frame, OR Mirror then paint over it. ( Your choice of colours )

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall…

I like this....Glue Gun, Scissors, River Rocks at the dollar Store! and Shelf Liner (or mat) in a matching color

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Signs that look old tutorial. I love her lettering trick!

How to print on fabric! This is sooo Cool! I didn't know you could do this!!

Inkjet Printing on Fabric

Crayons in a glue gun... Shut the front door!!! ...also has other cool links on this page... Great DIY projects!

shrinky dinks

handmade from Daphne,作品……_来自seprana的图片分享-堆糖网
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flippy floppys- so cute!!

  • Nancy Plum

    Must try these

  • Sarah Javid

    love them! quick question would you have to sew around every,bead and shell or just the first one?

  • Lynn Thiessen

    Since I am temporally challenged......I reach for easier options like "switch flops by Lindsay Phillips....she does all the sewing and I just do the switching.....change your ornament, not your sole.

  • Elaine Fagerburg

    i think you have to sew around every bead and shell. i just glued mine on, and most of them fell off

  • Sharon Reese

    Fantastic idea!

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hmm no directions but could figure this out.