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WAVES do exercises on the lawn of Hunter College, which was used at the Navy’s boot camp for women during World War II ~

US Navy Mailman 2nd Class Wilbur L. Harrison and Yeoman 1st Class Marjorie Daw Adams at Fleet Post Office, San Francisco, California, 13 June 1945 (US National Archives)

Low-angle portrait of American Seaman First Class Paul J. Melody as he holds signal flags during a trip along the Seine River to deliver supplies to Paris, France, 1944. (Photo by PhotoQuest/Getty Images)

American diver Michael O'Brien (center) is helped into his dive suit by Albert Boettner (left) and E.L. Kennedy, all from the 1058 Port Construction Company, near Aachen (or Aix-la-Chapelle), Germany, March 1945. The men were engaged in repairing a railroad bridge destroyed by the French resistance fighters to hamper the German retreat from France. (Photo by PhotoQuest/Getty Images)

Marine with the training gliders at Page Field, Parris Island, South Carolina, 1942. (Photo by Alfred T. Palmer/Buyenlarge/Getty Images)

Ida Scherf was clowning around in Navy dress with a cap that was out of uniform and didn’t belong with her outfit. Photo provided ~

Ida Scherf was one of the first graduates of the “College of Mortuary Science” at Pensacola Naval Air Station. The sign was a spoof on the killing ability of the Browning .50 caliber machine-gun perched on either end of the banner. She is the last WAVE at the far right in the second row standing Photo provided ~

“I went out on a blind date with my future husband together with my roommate and her date. We had a few more dates before the end of the war, but mostly he was off somewhere else in the Navy,” Scherf said ~

How to Serve Your Country in the WAVES or the SPARS, 1942 - The Betty H. Carter Women Veterans Historical Project - University Archives - Un...

Seaman 2nd Class Sally Kaufman, USNR(W) de-tasseling corn stalks in an Iowa state seed corn field, during a period of critical labor shortages in rural areas, circa 1944.

Specialist (S) 3rd class Aspasia Phoutrides inspecting WAVES barracks at the Advanced Naval Training Station, Lake Union, Seattle, Washington, United States, 18 Sep 1943.

WAVES navy trousers, circa 1943. If someone has this outfit or a original WAVES dress(for working), let me know ~

The most common work attire of women Marines were olive-drab overalls with a bib front and long, crossed straps in back ~

A female member of the US Coast Guard, WW2 ~


WAVES eating at Naval Training Center, Norman OK. 1943.

WAVE stops for a helping of dessert from Ship's Cook 2nd Class William Barry.

WAVES working by a R5D-1 at NAS Oakland, CA, 1945.

WAVES aircraft mechanic turns over the propeller of a SNJ.

In October, 1942, enlisted women also began training to become WAVES. Initially, 3 schools were set up on college campuses: Madison, Wisconsin, Stillwater, Oklahoma, and Bloomington, Indiana. Each would eventually become a specialty training center after the Hunter College boot camp was established in February 1943. University of Wisconsin, Madison trained radio operators. Oklahoma A & M University was a training facility for yeomen, and Indiana University at Bloomington trained storekeepers.