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Okay, does anyone else find this slightly adorable? He was just so tired after all......I get it, sometimes you're just so tired.

If I Don't Fits, I'll Sits Anyways

So true

Funny Pictures - 38 Pics

50 Wicked Adorable Pictures Of Boston Terriers - BuzzFeed Mobile

50 Wicked Adorable Pictures Of Boston Terriers

The Katharine Hepburn of cats - Imgur..Norwegian Forest Cat

Is there anything in this world cuter than this?

Hummingbirds are the "energizer bunnies" of the bird world! We have so many this year and I finally figured out how to keep the ants out of their feeders!

Cub Scouts Honor by Kevin Dietrich

Sleeping baby turtle!

Pledge to share the news of the MASS SLAUGHTER of Dogs in Sochi for the 2014 Winter Olympics · Save homeless dogs from being killed in Sochi...

TEMPERATURES are reaching WELL BELOW ZERO with the windchill factor in the North East along with SNOW reaching up to 8" to 14". Sadly, Dogs are Being Left Outside. If You See It Report it, We Are Their Only Chance At Safety.

just a friendly reminder that for over a hundred years, pit bulls used to be referred to as “the nanny dog” and their main job was as babysitters.

Friends were busy w/ their lives when I needed help w/ the loss of my dad and the depression that followed. Angel rescued me w/ her unconditional love, licking my tears and making me laugh when I needed it most! I believe she was sent to me by my father!

Crows and wolves have been known to play together in the wild and it has been observed that crows will sometimes alert wolves to potential prey in order that they might share in the food it would provide.

Siamese Kittens

Snow owl has mesmerizing blue eyes…

baby bernese mountain dogs