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1860's Repro Tutorials

Photo tutorials and videos for reproducing accurate 19th Century clothing, hair, accessories, hobbies, etc.

Greenberg: Godey's Lady's Book: Fashion: Practical Dress Instructor Many patterns from the Godey's Ladies Book.

Stitches Of The Past: 1860's hair style tutorial...good but the side pieces need to be lower down on the head closer to the ears, not high up.

Tips & Tricks to Help You Look Like You Stepped Out Of The 1860s!

Tips & Tools to Reduce Stress During Fittings

Tips & Tools to Reduce Stress During Fittings

**Sarah Jane's **PHOTO INSTRUCTIONS** for doing an EASY beginner period hairstyle - great!**

Romantic History: Dressing the Part, Post One: Hair

Godey's 1861. This is NOT french-braided---Instructions: Divide your hair down the center, then make a vertical part right behind the ears to divide front and back hair. Make a three-strand braid in each of the four quadrants. Criss-cross the two back braids, and pin. Loop the front braids over the back braids, and cross them under the pinned back braids. Pin to secure.

  • OwlyCreature

    Tried this on Sunday -- it's probably the easiest one I've tried and it looked beautiful. Thanks for pinning this!

Sept 1862, how to add false piece to side hair braids instructions: "The front hair instead of being separated, as is usually the case, is taken as one strand. The braid is taken in the centre, as in Fig. 1, and plaited in a three plait. When it is plaited, turn the plait toward the back and comb the upper part of the hair over it. This will give the appearance of a roll and braid. If the roll is not becoming, turn the plait to the front and have it alone. The small lock at the end of the...

**Photo TUTORIAL** Using a false hairpiece for short hair.... how to attach your hairpiece to your short hair.

Using a false hairpiece for short hair

Photo **TUTORIAL** for making your own fake hair-piece for 1850's-1860's ladies (yes, you with the chin-length short hair!)---Click photo and scroll down until you come to the photo of the hair on the ironing board. The time and effort for good-looking hair is SO worth it!

Sewing Academy member Deedee Smith shows you how to do a simple period-correct 1860's hairstyle. Her hair is to be envious of!

Mid-19th century/Civil War Hair Tutorial by Anna in Technicolor Great tutorial!

The Art of Shoemaking A Step by Step Instructional Video on Making Your Own Custom Outstitched Shoes.

Shoemaking DVD - Healthy Handmade Shoes