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Hashtag: Where Did This #phenomenon Begin and Why Do We #love it (but only on Twitter)? Do you love or hate hashtags? Do you use them everywhere or only on Twitter?

Kid philosoph Luiz Antonio: Why He Doesnt Want to Eat Octopus TÕLGE

Big Bang Theory Cast Rocks Rocky Horror, via YouTube.

Friends Bloopers 1994-2004. ONE HOUR LONG. For when I'm bored.

Rock Paper Scissors Lizard Spock (Extended Cut) ~ The Big Bang Theory ~

William & Kate wedding parody, via YouTube.

The Love Life of the Octopus / Directed and narrated by Jean Painlevé / beautiful documentary on the lifecycle of the octopus / incredible segments on the development of the eggs / hit "cc" for english subtitles

Lucy and Ricky Ricardo for 1950's convertible commercial #vintage #video

The Big Bang Theory - Best Christmas gift to Sheldon, via YouTube.