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Having difficulty choosing curriculum? Click here for a list of curricula that parents of distractible children/"sizzlers" recommend! via Carol Barnier

The highly neglected but oh-so-useful good ol' bean bag. This is so easy to make and use. Any time your child is learning information that is linear (has a beginning and an end) you thow the bag back and forth. For A,B,C's, you say "A" and throw the bag. They say "B" and throw it back. So simple. But it keeps them moving forward on the task. Try-- Skip counting, Books of the Bible, counting in Latin, Names of presidents, Months of the year, and much more.

This is Vicky Velpanoid from Venus. Notice that her fuel pods are empty. To color one in as "full" a student must get 5 flashcards right. (we did sight words. Do what you want.) 5 cards is a pod, which means the student can color in one triangular fuel pod. Once pods are full, student wads up the paper and tosses it into our suspended indoor basketball hoop. More ways to learn without a pencil.

Such a simple thing. Have your kids do a segment of their toughest subject--maybe math, or spelling. Then they get five chances to get the ball in the cup. More school work. Five more balls. When they get 10 in the cup (or 3 or 25. You choose) they're done. Sometimes the simplest games motivate them to move through their work with enthusiasm.

50 of our favorite ditties--learning material set to rhyme. Action in Fractions started the ball rolling. Now we have ditties for math, science, language, and history. EASY way to learn. Don't believe in the power of the ditty? Quick. . . finish this statement. In Fourteen hundred and ninety-two. . . Told ya.

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