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Set of 3 Christmas Keys: Christ's Key: The Christ Key is to be hung in the center of the tree, as He hung in the center for you and me. Shepherd's Key:  The Shepherd's Key is to be hung on a low branch, as Christ was born among the lowly, the shepherds and sheep. Magi's Key:  The Magi's Key is to be hung near the star at the top of the tree, as the Magi followed the star to find the Babe.

I thought this was a super neat idea!!! It's a Christmas Eve box!!! They get new pjs, a Christmas movie, hot chocolate, snacks for the movie, etc!!! I'm definitively adding this as a new tradition!!!!

  • Leah Sharrett

    we added a Christmas letter from Santa in ours. The girls loved them!

amazing way to tell a child the truth about santa. This is awesome beyond words. Who ever wrote this wins at life.