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Out of the Past (1947)


Maintaining oneself in spite of circumstances surrounding you, or within you.

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  • Eddie Thornton

    In spite of the Colonialism, racism, and sexism rampant in films of that age, it is a compelling film about the Human spirit, and drive for survival.

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天空の城ラピュタ / "Laputa" Castle in the Sky (1986) - Character Design

Winter's Bone: Raw. Film, story, and acting all stripped clean of excess fat. Lean as a starved out hound. Excellent.

The Ghost Writer: Yes, it's made by a child-molester. But I saw it, and dammit, It was intriguing, mysterious, and compelling. Oddly... barren?

Lost in Translation: A sweet, sober walk, where Loneliness and Longing strive for resolution.

King's Speech

The Red and Purple Room: The King's Speech

Eastern Promises: Never been a huge Croninberg fan, but this one was perfect. And Viggo was on his GAME! He did his work: It's worth watching the "making of" or reading up on his research for this role. His performance alone made this film a great watch for me. But the relationships throughout the film were well penned, well played, and well directed. The story is crafted in such a way as to bring us along as one of the characters.

The Hurt Locker: Still haven't figured out what the title means. An entirely different kind of war film. Characters with dimension, film making with dimension, acting with dimension. Conflicted souls. Camera work and sound were quite poetic without being artsy-fartsy. The director found new ways to pull you in to the action.

The Sunset Limited: SLJ, TLJ, written by Cormac McCarthy. Three master craftsmen doing what they do best. Brave, powerful work. Reminiscent of "12 Angry Men".