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LOTR crossover. I can't help but think that 11 and Amelia will always be together as long as someone can imagine it.

Gwen Cooper, Torchwood. Another fictional bad ass... I would want Gwen Cooper on my side in any fight.

New image of The Doctor and Clara from Doctor Who season 8 premiere episode ‘Deep Breath’. Watch the premiere this Saturday, August 23rd at 8/7c on BBC America!

“I look at a star and it’s just a big ball of burning gas and I know how it began and I know how it ends and I was probably there both times. After a while, everything is just stuff! That’s the problem. You make all of space and time your backyard and what do you have? A backyard. But you, you can see it. And when you see it, I see it.”


These two hotties

The purple frock coat ♥ I wish he'd had more chance to wear it than half a series...

I don't think 11 is the 6 year old, madman who wears fezzes and such. He's becoming grown up (He's over 1,000 years old) All the incarnations of the Doctor have had out-of-character moments. But is 11 going to be a bit different for the seasons to come? He changed when Amy and Rory left. Amy & the Doctor had a childish relationship. Until Amy made a grown-up decision: To be with Rory. They were like a fairytale to him and he didn't want to give them up. But everyone grows out of fairytales.