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Products I Love

Magnetic Ironing Mat, turns your washer/dryer into an ironing board, then folds up after. Space saving item! $9.99 on Amazon.handy

awesome way to cut cake

Portion-control serving utensils for starch, veggies, and protein. $15 for the set. REALLY good idea.

Bowl Scrapper! WHAATT? | KitchenAid | Sur La Table $29.95

Nails In Motion Tip Tops- they protect your wet nails from getting smudged. What is this genius and slight ridiculousness?

I need this!!!

tents that zip together It's like a camping fort.

GREAT STOCKING STUFFER!!!! Keep the mess off the counter! $4.00

Bathtub Divider. Saves so much water!

Washi tape $1.99 each.

Cube Tube: Ice cube tray redesigned, space saver... needs to be made NOW

Scrap Trap Bin & Scraper - attaches to any drawer, use it while you are cooking to slide any peelings, shells, etc. in.

Rain Drum, love it!

I really want one of these !!!

Couple Cute Cartoon Giraffe Earphone Winder Cord Manager Cable Winder Apparel Decor / Pack of 2 Pieces- Pink and Yellow

Translucent post it notes or "Sheer colors post it notes" as 3M calls them. I had no idea these existed.

Where were these when i was planning our wedding?

Muff I found your tent.

clear kayaking in the ocean...

great to go out. If i had an iPhone i would want this case.

mini pie pan, picnic dreams