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My Childhood - 50s & 60s

A myriad of toys, games, and other stuff that I had or I remember playing with as a child during the late 50s & 60s.

When your phone # started with 2 letters, followed by 5 numbers...and you had to speak to the Operator to call long distance :)

plastic pencil box with sharpener and sliding multiplier/divider, I had forgotten all about these

8-track tape cartridges (introduced in 1964)

50's - 60's - until present day I'm told. We learned moral lessons from the adventures of Goofus and Gallant...

Would you like some Fancy Mixed Nuts? When you open the can long green fabric covered springy snakes jump out! Used to scare the crap out of me! LOL!

Nuts in a Tin Can Joke with Snakes : Classic Practical Joke

How many times did you hear this????

Were you ever told this?

"don't sit so close to the tv, you'll ruin your eyes" - must have heard this one a thousand times.